Antique Markets in Brodi, Surabaya

Having so much into the antique and vintage stuff? Just visit Bodri Street, Surabaya. This location is in west side to Gelora Pancasila and near to Indragiri Street. There are, less than 8 vendors in this place, that offers complete antique and vintage stuff.

This area is well known among collectors of antiques in East Java. This place is can be one of recommended places for tourist who visit to Surabaya for it has interesting value regarding the ethnic and unique stuffs for ancient time.

These vendors are already set up since early 2000s and the collectors that coming to the streets are 40% from abroad, like Japanese and Malaysia. Most of them are looking for the goods from Chinese Dynasty or those that originally from Indonesia. While, for the rest 60% are coming from local inhabitant.

About the price that the vendors offer to the collectors are depend on the age and the limitation of the goods. The older of the goods and the fewer of the goods in the world, the more expensive is the price of the goods. Although, not everyday the vendors will be sold the goods, but once they sold it will gain lot of profits within a month. To increase their revenue, they opened the laundering service for goods which made from brass.

This antique market is open every day from 08:00 am until 19:00 pm. The average of the price is starts from Rp. 50.000 until millions. For those expensive are coming from the goods over 50 years old or coming from vintage teak armoire.

When entering the booth vendors, the visitors will find hanging Elmina chandelier from Dutch era, a vintage iron from wooden charcoal, coffee grinder, vintage telephone, trumpet, old radio production in 1930, wall clocks, urns, ancient coins, a dagger and other antiques.

For those who are fanatic to vintage stuffs, it will be better to acknowledge the stuffs before you buy in order to avoid some misunderstanding among the seller. To review the details product like the age, the antique or even the historical background is good to be concerned before spending some amount of money for the antiques.