Jogjakarta as a cultural center in Indonesia does have many features, both in terms of geographical location and its people. The nickname "province of Yogyakarta Special Region " is very inappropriate owned by the city located on the coast of Java island 's southern coast .

Now, there is a new tourist attraction in the area of ​​Prambanan are being attracted many people. Attractions in question is Tebing Breksi Park, located in Groyokan hamlet, Sambirejo village, Prambanan subdistrict, Sleman , Yogyakarta. Approximately 1 kilometer before Candi Ijo ( from the Prambanan - Piyungan ), Tebing Breksi own entrance in the tourist area of ​​coverage Candi Ijo herritage.

This new tourist attractions is formed not by the element of intent, a former stone quarry of Breksi area is in fact very interesting if used as a tourist attraction. Breksi stone mining area located in the village Groyokan, this leaves Sambirejo former mine in the form of cliffs that were able to present a panorama or a very beautiful scenery. This is the main attraction of the Breccia Cliffs Park (Taman Tebing Breksi) Tourism has recently been inaugurated by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono to X.