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    Back Side of Tanjung Ambat Beach, Karimun

    Karimun is one of regency in Riau Islands. Marine tourism is a popular tourist attraction of the district. Two most popular of marine tourism places in Karimun namely Pongkar beach and Pelalawan beach. Although there is still a lot of other beach resorts which offers marine tourism attractions, such as the Tanjung Ambat Beach. The beach is not as famous as Pongkar Beach and Pelalawan Beach, but in such a matter, it is an exotic object that suitable if you choose it as your destination place to be visited. Tanjung Ambat beach located at Kampung Teluk Dalam, Buru island. The trip can be taken from Tanjung Balai port in the town of Tanjung Balai the capital of Karimun regency by boat to Buru port, it takes about 30 minutes. The trip from Buru port to Tanjung Ambat Beach is about 15 minutes. Before entering the beach, the visitors can find 3-meter-high gate just on the edge of the highway, so anyone will easily find it.

    Tanjung Ambat Beach has a sloping beach landscape. Its coastline extends approximately two kilometers with a wide stretch of sand. If the tide is low, the expanse of sand can reach up to 40 meters, so the area is very appropriate for various beach sports activities. Moreover, the sand is fairly clean, white and fine grained. While the back side of the beach, you can see lined of palm tree. Because of its natural beauty, the beach has become a location to hold a variety of events such as Beach Party which is held by the local people once a year in early January. In the event, you can see or participated in various folk games, such as jute race, paddle canoes. In addition to sport beach, other activities that can be done at the beach such as relaxing or sitting on the edge of the beach. You also can swim or going along the beach while enjoying its natural beauty. To visit the beach is very pleasant. Unfortunately, you must first prepare for your food supplies, because there is no food stalls in the Tanjung Ambat Beach tourism spot.

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    I used to be there in the front not at the back. I should go back next time.

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    Karimun is the wonderful place,i never see it,but your blog explain it very well,now Karimun is on top my Bucket list..
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    I used to be in front should not be behind me should I go back next time.

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    Beautiful Shot Tanjung Ambat Beach in Karimun, Riau Island

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