Tanjung Bloam better known as turtle habitat conservation area located along the coastline that extends from the south end to the north end. In addition to turtles, Bloam Cape Coast has a natural beauty that is so natural and almost forgotten by the tourists. Once arrived at this beach, you will be presented with white sand is so soft and the water crystal clear sea. Panorama of natural beauty in this place will occasionally punctuated by downstream the fishermen who fish with their small boats.

The appeal further highlight of this beach panorama the rocks were so amazing as an accomplished painter paintings are priceless. Two rocks sandstone cliffs that flank the Bloam Cape is very exotic, on the north side will look a cliff -shaped buns, and on the right side you will see an irregular rock cliff that juts into the shores. Rocks on a cliff color golden yellow with shades of black, irregular pattern makes it look so contract and the basic colors of blue beach.'

The beauty of the Bloam Cape little resemblance to the coast of Tanjung Ringgit textured nature surrounded by rocky hills. For hunters spot photography, Tanjung Bloam beach is an outstanding place for cruising. Browse was the coastline and find a good spot with angle is so amazing to immortalized with camera shots.

The beauty of the beach with a natural feel others will be more and more you see if a little scrambled up to the top of the rock. From this point you will see a stretch of beach so fascinating. Take pictures with background rock cliffs and rocks on the coast of Bloam Cape will be a memory that is hard to forget. Waves on the beach of Tanjung Bloam belongs in the surf is a little big. If you do not want to drift, you should just relax on the coast while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.