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    Batusangkar Regency, West Sumatra

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    Batusangkar is one of regencies in West Sumatra, precisely in the capital of Tanah Datar. This regency is famous by The City of Culture and administratively located in three sub-districts: Lima Kaum, Tanjung Emas and Sungai Tarab.

    This town is near the former seat of the Minangkabau royalty that was established by Adityawarman in Pagaruyung. A number of stones bearing inscriptions (prasasti) left by Adityavarman that remain in the region are the first written records in West Sumatra. After the death of Adityavarman (1375), there were no more stone inscriptions were produced.

    In Batusangkar, there are numbers of important sites that keep the historical value and become the important icon in Batusangkar.

    Fort van der Capellen
    During the colonial era, the town was popular as Fort van der Capellen, the time when it was a Dutch outpost established during the Padri War (1821-37). Fort van der Capellen was built between 1822 and 1826 and named after the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies, Godert van der Capellen. The city was officially renamed Batusangkar in 1949, replacing its colonial name.

    Indo Jelito Building
    This building is the residence of Tanah Datar regent, whose in charge in every leading time. This building itself is a former residence of the Dutch resident Van der Capellen during colonial times. It has strong architectural style of art deco style buildings that characterized the Dutch old building.

    Maharajo Dirajo Tanah Datar National Building
    This building is already exist in Batusangkar as a theater and performance building for government and people in Tanah Datar. The building was later rebuilt because the previous building is not feasible. The brand new National Building is equipped with meeting rooms, small meeting rooms, VIP lounge, gallery, basement and other supporting facilities. The concept of the building is wearing traditional elements, such as gonjong, carving and one of compositions of the Minangkabau longhouse.
    This National building is a multifunctional conference hall which can be used for governmental activities and other activities. It located in downtown Batusanggkar, it precisely at the intersection of Jalan Sukarno Hatta, with a site area that reached 3.8 Ha.
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    Batusangkar is one of regencies in West Sumatra, precisely in the capital of Tanah Datar

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    It is a very beautiful place........

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