Tanggo Rajo Travel Parks is an area that frequented as a place of recreation for the family can enjoy a panoramic Batang Hari river, fishing, or enjoying snacks along the highway on the edge of the river. Tanggo Rajo is located in the area of ​​Home Office of the Governor of Jambi, Jl. Sultan Taha, Pasar Jambi.

To get to the point of Rajo Tanggo, you can use a variety of transportation, can choose to use a private car or using public transport. If you are using a private vehicle, you can easily find the location of the park Tanggo this Rajo . Because, the theme parks are known as 'Ancol' of Jambi city, rather after the market Angso Duo Jambi which is also the largest market in the South Sumatera, or in front of the home office (Rumdin) The Governor of Jambi.

If you choose to use public transport, there are several public transport alternatives that you can use, such as public transportation and taxis. And if you choose to use public transportation, you can use public transportation or public transportation department or Mayang service, Simpang Rimbo and Telanaipura Broni, Broni-majors across.

All public transportation is written above will traverse areas where the tango rajo tourist park. The fare should you spend to get to the park location tango rajo travel if you use public transportation which is Rp 2,000 each person. Rajo Tanggo also provides a variety of snacks available in the tents are lined up in the style of a street along the park location of Tanggo Rajo tourism object in the city of Jambi.

As we know, this river is the longest river on the island of Sumatra. Imagine that, you are definitely want to see how the shape of the river, the breeze is blowing, the smell of roasted corn, seductive and wonderful phenomenon of the sunset (sunset ) which surely you would feel if a visit there. Especially if you come with your loved ones, whether family, friends or your love partner.

This place is also often used as a place to open the important events organized or held in the city of Jambi. From here every year, Rajo Tanggo Jambi Governor start flag waving in the annual event of Traditional Boat Race, in the framework of Independence Day, August 17. And in this place too often held competitions. Such as boat races, and so forth.

Tanggo Rajo will be more crowded when the night comes, let alone a week night, this is because the street lights that adorn its ancol Area regions such jambi . Many young couples who come to enjoy the beautiful view of the Batang Hari river at night, yaa although only at the banks, but the beauty here is not inferior to a view of the waterfront in various cities in Indonesia.