Tahai Lake is situated in Tahai Village, Tumbang Tahai Sub-district, Bukit Batu District of Palangkaraya. The lake is very interesting to visit while on vacation in Central Kalimantan. Besides Tahai Lake is a strategic location, the unusual color of the water makes this lake differs from other lakes. The water color in the lake is not green or blue, but reddish. The red color comes from moss and roots of trees. Another interesting thing is that you can see floating houses which local people call as “rumah lanting”.

There is a wooden bridge surrounding the area and connecting the lake to the jungle area, so you can walk around Tahai Lake easily. For those who love a little adventure, you can explore the jungle. The management has built a wooden trek for you to go through so you would need to get off the trek to do some real exploring.

But even on the trek you will be welcomed by a beautiful scenery, cool air, and bird’s twitter. If you get lucky, you can meet Uwak-Uwak, a monkey you can only find here. Uwak-Uwak is a protected animal as the population has been decreasing slowly. There are many lodges in the wooden bridge area for you to take some rest.

At the lake you can rent swan tire with oar or you can visit the karaoke place or restaurant. If you want to stay, you can rent some houses starting from IDR 75,000 to IDR 200,000 per night. About 1 km away from Tahai Lake is the Nyaru Menteng OrangUtan Conservation Centre which belongs to BOS (Borneo OrangUtan Survival). If you want to visit this centre you need to come on Sunday as it only opens for public on Sunday.

Tahai Lake is located 3 km away from the main road, but the access is pretty easy. You can use public transportation, the Palangkaraya-Sampit bus, get off in Tahai village, then you need to go on foot to the lake. An alternative is using a private vehicle, either 2 or 4 wheels.