About South Sulawesi Tourism

You might remember the island in the shape of letter K in the alphabet? Yes it is the island of Sulawesi which was also known as Celebes island. The main leg of K stretches southward which forms the province of South Sulawesi. It is where Toraja coffe comes from.

Toraja is not only known for its coffee but Toraja culture is one of the unique indigenous civilization in the world. Once you arrive at Toraja,you will find yourself at the one of most beautiful highlands in Indonesia.

“ Tongkonan” house is believed to resemble boat used by Toraja ancestor to enter the land through Sa’dan river.”Tongkonan” house can be understood as living literature of Toraja civilization as it walls are fully carved with more than 100 Toraja design which reflects Toraja philosophy.

Being geofraphically isolated for centuries. Toraja keeps its old tradition up to present time.Toraja funeral ceremony is not as occasion but rather as a moment for family gathering and enhancing social bonds.

Noble families funeral ceremony may last in days, involving hundreds, or even thousands of people which made the family of the deceased build ceremony houses to lodge the families and relatives during the funeral. Hundreds water buffaloes and pigs are slaughtered.

South Sulawesi Province is house to four major ethnic groups. Beside Toraja there are Bugis,Makassar,and Mandar. Makassare are known as seafarer who nagivate far beyond South East Asian Waters. Bugis silk weaving can be understood as the fruit of that long trading relation. “La Galigo”,the Bugis epic which stated as one of the longest epic in the world tell the Bugis-China relation.

Gowa kingdom of Makassar ethnic in 15 th-16 th centuries managed to grow as the last biggest Kingdom controlled spice trading in South East Asia. To strengthen itself Gowa Kingdom built 12 fortresses which made Dutch take and years to conquer.The footprint of the greatness of Gowa Kongdom now can be seen at fort Rotterdam and ruins of Benteng Somba Opu.

South Sulawesi Province offers abundant natural attraction, from rain forest to 2nd biggest Karst mountain range in the world which can be find at Maros and Pangkep Regency.Bantimurung Bulusaraung national Park is home to hundreds of indigenous butterflies which lured Sir Alfred Wallace-the British naturalist to make on site study which his report supports the forming of the world famous Theory of Evolution.

Sulawesi is a part of World’s coral Triangle which Takabonerate National park is embedded in. It is the 3rd largest atol in the world yet Takabonerate is least explored. Makassar’s “Spermode” off shore islands provide beautiful dive spots or just enjoy tropical islands with sand beaches and crystal clear water.

Visit and enjoy unique and original South Sulawesi.