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    Kali Pancur Fall of Salatiga

    A tourist destination in the mountains is not entirely complete if there is no fall in the area. One of these tourist spots - inclusive of fall - is located along the Kali Pancur river in the village of Nogosaren at some 14 kilometers west of the city of Salatiga in the Semarang regency in Central Java.

    If you travel there from the area of Kopeng, you should take the ojek (motorcycle taxi) from the crossroads in the village of Wates. From there it still is some 3.5 kilometer before you reach your destination. It is much more easy when you have your own transport. The roads in the area are generally spoken good, only the last leg runs through rice paddies and villages near the Telomoyo and Merbabu volcanoes.

    Entrance tickets are sold for 1.500 Rupiahs per person. If you want to actually see the fall that can most easily be reached, you still have to ready yourself for a pretty steep walk. The fall is located at some 900 meters from the most near road, and the route is just a footpath. No vehicles can go here.

    The walk is much more easy than it used to be, because steps have been placed on the steep path over the years. People with just a so-so condition should not expect to reach the fall in a short time because there are some 850 steps in total. Half way the path though, falling water that can be heard should be of some stimulation. At some places, the river flows directly besides the path.

    When you have finally reached the fall, you will be surprised by the lush tropical environment with beautiful natural stone walls and tropical plants that grow in abundance around the fall. There is a small cave where swallows find their shelter, but unfortunately locals also take away their nests to be sold on regional markets.

    Don't forget that when you are at the top, you are only half way. Going down can be more difficult than climbing up because of tiredness, especially when you have to go all those hundreds of steps again.
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