West Sumatra is famous for its amazing natural wonders, its towering mountains, deep canyons, green rice fields, interspersed with large houses whose roofs are shaped like buffalo horns; maintains a timeless tradition and has recently loved his delicious food, especially the award-winning Rendang for the world's most prestigious cuisine. But aside from that, the province has just revealed its new secret destination which is gaining in popularity, namely Mandeh Islands, in the southwest of West Sumatra province facing the Indian Ocean, located not far from its capital: Padang.

Dubbed as Raja Ampat of Sumatra for equally fascinating nature, Mandeh Islands are located in Teluk Carocok Tarusan, consisting of a number of islands, including Tarajun, Setan Kecil, Sironjong Besar and Sironjong Kecil, Merak Island and Cubadak Island. One of them has a tourist resort called Cubadak Paradiso, owned and managed by an Italian businessman.

Covering an area of ​​70 hectares of underwater beauty, the islands are covered with 389 hectares of mangrove forests and white beaches. The luxurious views of the hills and the beautiful bay area are filled with small islands, the perfect panoramic photogenic postcard! Just an hour's drive from the city of Padang, Mandeh coastal slopes to soothe the blue sea alluring to just jump in and swim in the cool waters.

Tourists usually go to Mandeh for snorkeling, scuba diving, going camping, skydiving, banana boating and going fishing.

Walk to the top of Mandeh Hill, and be prepared to be mesmerized by the more stunning views of Carocok Tarusan Bay. Exotic tropical plants coconut palms, hibiscus and jackfruit trees line the white sandy beach. Mandeh stretches across seven villages, covering three sub-districts known locally as Nagari, with a population of nearly 10,000 people. Take the time to explore this wonderful underwater magical world, with vibrant colorful sea life.

Access to Mandeh

Arriving at the Minangkabau International Airport in Padang, you can choose land transportation or take the sea route. Taxis or rental cars can be found at the airport that can take you directly to the Carocok Painan Beach area within 2-3 hours. Remember to check the meter. Or agree on the price before taking a taxi. Mandeh is located in Koto Sembilan Tarusan, about 56 kilometers south of Padang.

There is also public transportation, but you will be made to ride more than one public transportation on one trip to Mandeh. First take a mini bus to Pasar Raya Padang, then take a Van Travel to Pasar Tarusan and finally take a Bentor Motorbike or Becak to the Carocok Terusan Harbor to take a boat to the Mandeh Islands.

If you prefer sea transportation, you can choose to take a fast boat from Teluk Bayur or Bungus. The Mandeh Bintang tour boat is another option that departs from Muara Padang Harbor.

Source: https://www.sumbarprov.go.id/