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    Bukittinggi, Cultural City Near the Equator

    Bukittinggi ('High Hill') is in the middle of the Agam Valley, one of the three valleys which form the heart of the Minangkabau. While Padang is the modern business and governmental center, Bukittinggi is the cultural capital of the Minangkabau principality.

    Bukittinggi, the biggest city in the highlands, grew from the Dutch fortress 'de Kock', which was built during the Paderi wars in 1825. This attractive, active city. many Indonesian intellectual people grew up, some of them were Mohammed Hatta, the first Indonesian vice-President.

    However Bukittinggi is only one degree from the equator, it has a fairly cool climate because it's located on an altitude of 900 meters. It rains often, but many tourists still think this is the best city on Sumatra. Everything can be reached by foot, and food and accommodation are good, there is much to see and to and the people are friendly.
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    Istano Basa Pagaruyuang - West SumatraChNCk2EU8AAic0f.jpg

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