Celebes canyon has become a part of tourist attraction in Barru, South Sulawesi. It called Celebes Canyon because it is similiar of the Grand Canyon where it located in US, while that is a new destination object where in South Sulawesi.
Celebes Canyon has not been widely recognized in around the South Sulawesi or Barru area, it is only a few travelers who have come here oftenly that knows that object.

Celebes Canyon itself is a rock cliffs that composed naturally on the edges of Ule River that looks so beautiful. If you are coming here, don't forget to take back the trash because the adequate bin is not yet available here, as well as to maintain the cleanliness around the Celebes Canyon is actually still very natural.

Administratively celebes canyon is located in Libureng Village, Tanete Riaja Sub-district, Barru Regency, South Sulawesi. Precisely located in the Ule River. Ule River is one of the rivers that still very natural and clean, so do not be surprised if the river that flow passing through the Celebes Canyon was very clean with no pollution.

The routes to get the Celebes Canyon from Makassar is not too difficult. From Makassar directly toward the Barru Regency then pass the Maros regency then go to Pangkajene street, Barru Regency. Arrive in Barru Regency, then continues toward the Libureng Village, Tanete Riaja Sub-district. In Libureng village has already many signs to get the Celebes Canyon.

Celebes Canyon has not provided adequate facilities, there are no toilets, food stalls or other facilities that support the comfort of the visitors here. It is only parking area that guarded by local people. Here you allowed to set up a tent or camping, it's just, the managers and local people notices that do not damage the Celebes Canyon with graffiti on the rocks and littering.

Your trip will be paid with beautiful scenery, try to just play water there. The water is still very clear without polluting the beautiful natural landscape around the Celebes Canyon.