Indonesian culinary tourism can not be forgotten, remembering every region in Indonesia has a type and different taste. Gorontalo is a 32nd province in Indonesia, which has a tourist attraction by its culinary. The province flanked by Tomini Bay and Sulawesi Sea, this is certainly familiar with a variety of sea food cuisine.

One of the Gorontalo's cuisine that quite famous is Binthe Biluhuta, a corn flush made with a simple ingredients. The main ingredients of Binthe Biluhuta is a shelled corn. Corn is one of the main crops in Gorontalo. It also a staple food of the local people in addition of rice.

The other ingredients are grated coarsely of young coconut, shrimp, red peppers, red onions, chives, basil, fried onions, salt, tomatoes and lime. Binthe biluhuta can be treated as an appetizer like a soup. But it can also be the main meal because it contains a lot of shelled corn as a source of carbohydrates.The fragnance of basil of the cuisine is very strong. The grated of young coconut has a savory flavors in between bites of shrimp. Before enjoyed, we can sprinkle with fried onions and lime juice. It was fresh and delicious.

Sashimi is not the typical food of Gorontalo, as sashimi is a typical Japanese food. Gorontalo is one of the tuna fish producer in Indonesia. In some seafood stall near the port of Gorontalo already provide this menu. But do not expect completeness eat sashimi like shoyu soy sauce, wasabi or chili powder as we met in a Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. Sashimi in Gorontalo are presented only with sambal Dabu-Dabu, which is actually the kind of Gorontalo traditional food, thus providing a different taste. If you are the one of sashimi lovers, you shall try sashimi tuna mixed with this sambal Dabu-Dabu.

There are also a typical of Gorontalo beverages like Ice Brenibon, namely red bean ice by ice shavings and sweet milk. Or also Saraba, drinks such as body warmers STMJ which is a typical drink is easy once we found in Sulawesi. Besides the natural beauty and culture in Gorontalo, culinary tastes in this area has a tourist attraction, for travelers to come and try.