Museum Kedaton is sultanate inheritance in Ternate, North Maluku. If you are coming here, you will arrive in Baabullah Airport, then the Museum Kedaton is located 3,5 km from the airport. Or you will arrive in Ahmad Yani Harbour, and the museum is on 1,5 km from the harbour.

There is a storage location of the Sultanate inheritance here. One of the most valuable inheritance is a throne made of gold. Here you also find the handwriting Al-qur'an which is the oldest one in Indonesia. This memorial museum has displaying many things that comes from the Sultanate of Ternate and the rest of the war on the arrival of Europe in Maluku and North Maluku on the 15th century.

It also has a lot of the other historical place of Ternate around the Museum Kedaton. The Sultanate of Ternate Mosque is one of the other destination object you must visit. It just about 100 meters of Museum Kedaton Ternate. This Museum is octagonal, was built on 1813 by an architect from China. Located in Limau Hills with a shape like a lion who is sitting propped while the both of its feet overlooking the sea and a backdrop of Mount Gamalama. In front of the palace lay Sunyie field Ici and Sunyie Lamo that is usually used for ceremonial procession.

Among the relics of the European Nation's collection, the Museum has a unique and sacred crown that there is no other palace has it, even the world. It is because the crown has a hair that can grow like a humans being. Therefore it becomes an obligation to perform rituals Istampa or hair cutting crowns annually on every Idul Adha. This crown has been lived 500 years since the first Sultan holds the power.

The memorial Museum Kedaton Sultanate of Ternate has a large collections of objects ranging from geology, archeology, ethnography, history, numismatics/heraldry, philology, technology, fine arts, to ceramics.To get into this place, visitors are free of charge.

Built on 24 November 1813 by Sultan Muhammad Ali with a building area of ​​1500 mē on a land area of ​​1.5 ha. Since 1981 the management of the buildings handed over to the Ministry of Education and Culture although in daily life is still used as a residence of the Sultan. This place is new in 1982 inaugurated by Minister of Culture at the time, David Joesoef.

Here you can also taste the Ternate culinary such as Pupeda, the local people called it Papeda. Papeda only can found in Ternate. The other food you have to taste here is Lalampa. Lalampa is a dlicious rice that be flavored with fish inside it. It wrapped by banana leaves and burned. There are so many Hotel that you can choose when you decide to visit this place.