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    Tapak Paderi Beach, Bengkulu

    Tapak Paderi beach is connected to Panjang Beach and Jakat Beach in Bengkulu. This is a beach, that was the first deepwater port in Bengkulu and became the important sea transportation supporting by the British government in Bengkulu at that time, within 100 meters of Fort Marlborough.

    A beautiful sunset is a charm that you can find in a tourist spot Bengkulu on this one. From the top of Tapak Padri, you can witness the beauty of the ocean Bengkulu. Walk-walk around the beach or enjoy grilled corn on the beach are interesting activities that you can enjoy. Attractions in Bengkulu this one has a long coastline and charming, it is not surprising if Tapak Padri is crowded with people visiting.

    The location is not far from the city center, it only takes about 10 minutes to reach this place. Because of the ease of access to this beach, you can use two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels. Another way, you can also use public transport for example, like Angkot or Taxi.

    How to get there
    If you plan to use public transportation such as Angkot, you can look for green Angkot from the terminal panorama, then stopped at Jalan Suprapto (Prapto). When you got there, then take the other Yellow angkot . Do not forget to tell the driver that you want to head to Tapak Padri, because this yellow angkot is quite flexible taking demand from passengers who want to visit some of the tourist spots that are near to Tapak Padri.

    Meanwhile, for those of you who want to use a personal vehicle, you can start from terminal panorama, walk to the west and passing through Jalan Raya Air Sebakul, just follow this road until you enter Jalan Wage Rudolf Supratman and entering Jalan Irian, then turn left. Just follow the road, about 6.6 km take steered to the right and you enter Jalan Sumatra.

    After you find Bencoolen Street, then past the two roundabouts. Not far from here, you can find Tapak Padri on the right road. In addition to Angkot, you can also use Ojek or cabs. Or, if you want to drive your own, there are a lot of bike rentals at this Bengkulu city. Traveling to Tapak Padri will be great for this beach has beautiful natural scenery, as well as the stories during the colonial era.
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    Jadi pengen ke bengkulu lagi :'v

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