Every evening, dozens of people enjoy the atmosphere of dusk in the Jeulikat Reservoir, which is located in Jeulikat Village, Muara Dua, Lhokseumawe, Aceh. This artificial reservoirs become into a new charm tourism in Aceh. To get the location of this tourist areas, it's very easy. If you're passed Medan-Banda Aceh, you can go to the region through Simpang Elak, The Campus of STAIN Malikussaleh in Buket Rata, Lhokseumawe. If you are there, turn left and follow the two-lane asphalt road that stretches about 5 kilometers. Location of this reservoir are located near the Mobile Brigade Headquarters. For other lines, if you can choose the path of Simpang Kandang, then you can follow the road to meet the intersection of four. After that, turn right, then you will meet Mobile Brigade Headquarters.

Jeulikat Reservoir offers the beauty of artificial reservoirs. Expanse of water reservoir stretches. On the edge of the reservoir, there is prepared cottage to relax. A breeze is brought coolness while visitors relax. Every evening, the Jeulikat Reservoir is always crowded with dozens of young people, teenagers and adults who do selfie. Other visitors are fascinated by the beautiful staircases tiled.

For food and beverages, visitors don't feel worry, because there are food courts of variety of food and soft drinks that offered to visitors. Want to relax? Visitors can also enjoy the natural scenery while grilling fish.

Visitors are only charged the cost of parking the vehicle. For four-wheel, it is priced at 10,000 Rupiah, while the two-wheeled is charged 5,000 Rupiah per vehicle.

Now, Jeulikat Reservoir is managed to attract the attention of visitors in Aceh. Its beauty becomes enchantment and prey for photographers.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com