A Famous mountain tourism object that has the most unique crater phenomenon, located in Dieng Highlands, Dieng Kulon Village, Batur Subdistrict - Banjarnegara District, Central Java. It also belonging to Wonosobo District, precisely on western side of Sindoro Mount and Sumbing Mount. Sikidang Crater has a uniqueness than the other craters, even the other craters in Dieng Highlands. The main crater on it has moved.

Sikidang Craters has known by its hole release of the gas which always moved in an area, therefore named Sikidang by the local people, means like a deer that always moved and cavorts. When we go into the craters area, will be seen some of the smoke that is not too thick on the massive hole. According to manager of the area, those are the hole craters in the past. While the main crater today is located rather away from the entrance. To get the main crater, the visitors have to passing through the way for about 1 km from the entrance and the visitors will ascending the road. In addition, there is some of small craters that is estimated to be the main crater someday, replace the main crater today.

Sikidang craters has not located on the top of the mount, but it is on the land that resembling as the well. So you can see the crater's activities closer, even until on the crater's lips. There are so many tourism facilities that available here. There is a market that selling souvenir and food close to the entrance. It also there is rent cycle around the entrance, the cost is only Rp. 10.000,00 and you can go around the craters by rent a cycle. Or maybe you wanna go around the craters by rent a horse, you only spend Rp. 20.000,00 to get the horse.

For the people who has depended on the dig activity of sulfur, that crater is like an paradise. If you visit the crater, you have to wear a masker, because the smell of sulfur. The sulfur that contained on the steam is believed to nutrious refine the skin and eliminate the acnes. The sulfur is also sell to the visitors as an Sikidang's exclusive souvenir. Sikidang craters is the right choice for the travelers to be visit.