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    Belitung Traditional House, The Genuine Tradition Captured in the House

    Belitung Traditional House or Rumag Adat Belitung is called as Rumah Panggong, the building that refer to the reconstruction of architectural Malay traditional houses.

    Rumah Adat Belitong today is not easily found in Belitung Regency. The stage house with five parts of this house has been rarely used by the community for a place to stay. But the local government build a custom home unit in the complex Belitong regent's official residence.

    The location of the custom house was formerly owned by the Chinese residents that set up a shop. Then, local government purchasing and making it as regional assets. There are five parts of the house with their respective functions in the custom house. With an elongated shape to the rear, this stage house is getting lower behind for its allocation and function. Starting from the terrace at the front up to the room for a guard or a maid in the house.
    The main building of this house is made of wood Nyatoh, the floor is using ironwood and the roof is using Medang wood and Seru wood. Those wooden material is come from the area around Belitung.

    Seeing this house is like enjoying the nuance of thick Belitong tradition. The rumble of Kembang Goyang sound that rubbing together because of the wind welcome anyone who enters the traditional house.

    Kembang Goyang is an ornament that always available in Belitung traditional house to welcome guests. In ancient times, the indigenous people of Belitung making these ornaments by using lais leaves. But today the ornament is made by zinc with the same shape as the original one.

    The houses with five parts and having large space is functioned for the house of Belitung officials and nobles. This is different with othe custom house for the ordinary people who only have four parts of the house and smaller size.
    The other ornaments that distinguishing between customs house for the nobility and the common people is the amount of stairs. The traditional house for the nobility has more than three steps. As for the ordinary people has maximum three steps.

    It indicates the status or the degree of a person in the community. We can see the position of a person in the community just by looking at its custom home building in the ancient times.

    According to the customs, just a man who can be accept the guest on the terrace. While the female guests are directly into the central part of the house or even directly to the kitchen. While the male guests are not allowed into the house, but only on the terrace.

    While the main room is belongs to the family for doing activities. The visitors can see the characteristic of Rumah Panggong that does not have room bulkhead. This room is also becomes a bed with the whole family.
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    Wooden houses make people feel the wind, better natural air flow, wooden houses are perfect for nature, but not everyone likes nature. Building a wooden frame house is cost effective and can be constructed with flame retardant wood. The wood framed house has maintenance as much as a conservative brick house. Given wooden houses, there are siding made of various jiyu materials. Also it is just energy efficient, most houses crates and bricks need isolation.

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    Thank you for this useful info!

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    Thanks for the info its really cool....

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