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    Exotica Black Sand Amed Beach - Bali

    Bali beauty spread in every corner of this island. Tthe eastern tip island of Bali there are areas that are still rarely visit people, namely Amed Beach. The beach is different from others you often encounter in Kuta or Seminyak. Here you will meet with exotic black sand. If you enjoy the view of the sunset, you have to watch the sunset from the hill opposite Amed Beach. From here you can see the sun slowly sinking in Amed Beach with views of Mount Agung in the background.

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    How to get here??Anyway thanks for the information!!

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    To get to Amed Beach, you should reach Amlapura within thirty minutes by car. It is located in the North East of Amlapura.

    If you want to use a public transportion, take a bus (medium-sized) from Denpasar, Batubulan Terminal to Amlapura, for two hours. Then change to a bemo (a three-wheeled motoped) to Amed, for 30 minutes. The bemo will usually stop at the village, but you need to state it clearly otherwise the driver may take you directly to Jemeluk Beach.

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