Kalak Cave is situated in Sendang Village, Donorojo District of Pacitan. This cave is about 5 km from Goa Gong, in the border edge of Kalak and Sendang Village. Kalak Cave is beauty of the stalagmite and stalactite. According to people around, this cave is often visited by peoples with the special purpose, most of them is about mystic things. Many visitor had come here, they were not only from pacitan, but also from many different places. There were also some high level official people that visited this place in order to do some ritual here.

Based of the story from the locals, Kalak Cave as a meditation place of Raden Brawijaya in Majapahit Kingdom's era. This cave, which has been there for more than hundred years is also the oldest cave in Pacitan. Usually, there is a key holder in places with mystic aura. In Kalak Cave, the key holder's name is Mr. Manrejo (Mbah Tugiman) that take care of this cave since1965. He is the third successor from the First Key Holder.

There are one ceramic laid in cave that used for meditation that originally made by a visitor who meditated in Lawu Mountain and had his vision to look for Raden Brawijaya's Meditation Place. After finding this place, then build a rectangular ceramic for other people that wanted to meditate there.