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    Surabaya Anniversary

    Surabaya anniversary is always held around May in every year. There will be celebration from the local government that followed by societies in town. At malls or plazas there will be Surabaya Shopping Festival that with numbers of big sales. There is also festival on the street like traditional fashion parade, Rujak Uleg festival as one of Surabaya traditional food, cultural night show and more.

    source: www.eastjava.com

    photo by: fiducia.perbanas.ac.id

    photo by: dutaonline.com

    photo by: skyscrapercity.com

    photo by: analisadaily.com

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    what a good moment to celebrate surabaya anniversary where there's a lot of parade. i'd like to go to surabaya to discover another places that have authentic places such as Taman Harmoni in surabaya or Taman Flora

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