In addition having the enchanting beaches, Pacitan Regency is also has lines of beautiful Mountains that cannot be missed. One of those mountains are Gunung Lanang. Mt Lanang is located in Punjung Village, Kebonangung sub-district, about 20 Km to the east from downtown Pacitan.

Mt Lanang is one of the highest point in Pacitan, then it easy to find this location. From downtown Pacitan, we can see Mt Lanang in the same line with Mt Limo and other Mountains.

To reach this mountain is relatively easy. The journey can be done by using motorcycles for less than an hour, and it continues by taking some walk for about 30 minutes. The vehicles that we brought can be deposited in inhabitants around the village. However, it preferebly to use motorcycle than a car.

From the peak at this mountain, you can see the beauty of Pacitan from top and the tremendous Pacitan Bay. At night, the view becomes more stunning and if you are lucky you can wait the moment to see the grace of the sunrise and the sunset from the top of the Mountain.