The Sangihe Archipelago is a chain of volcanic islands off the north east peninsula of North Sulawesi. Consisting of about forty volcanic islands some of which are over 1,500 metres high, the archipelago’s waters are some of deepest in the world and deep-water currents bring plankton and nutrients from the deep. Be the man from Atlantis by diving what was once a thriving village. Feeling like an archeologist you cruise around through the numerous black corals and investigate the tunnels and doorways.

Diving here amongst topography carved out by man’s own hand stands in stark contrast to the norm of diving among nature’s splendour and is definitely one you won’t forget. Diving just off the dormant volcano of Ruang Island always gets the thumbs up from those who have been here. It is as if the Creator has put every shape, size and colour of sponge and crinoid here in this one spot. This provides a magnificent backdrop against which you can spot some of the many sharks, dogtooth tuna and extraordinarily large schools of barracudas that call this place home.