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    The Beautiful Famous Kerinci Lake of Jambi

    Jambi Province has some beautiful famous lakes. One of these is Kerinci Lake. In Jambi, Kerinci Lake is the largest lake with an area of 4,200 hectares with a depth of 110 meters, while its height reaches 783 meters above sea level and has 80 square kilometers along. Lake Kerinci is lies at the foot of Mount Raja, in Danau Kerinci District and Keliling Danau District, Kerinci Regency of Jambi.

    Kerinci Lake get its fame from the beauty of the view of the lake with the surrounding hills and mountains. While at the lake you can go out and try to catch the fish as the locals do. Or if you find you are not so lucky, you can also buy fish from fishermen directly. This lake has an endemic fish named Semah Fish, but there are many kinds of fish in this lake. Also there are some historic places around the lake which you can visit while you are here: Batu Raja Dolmen, Laheik House (Kerinci styled house) and a carved stone believed to be from a Megalit culture.

    Every year Kerinci Lake Festival is held in this place showing some Kerinci culture attractions like traditional dance, silat, government expo etc. Best before you visit Kerinci Laketo look up when this festival will be held.

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    There are some alternatives to reach Kerinci Lake

    The first: from Jambi head out to Penuh River. The distance is about 500 km that can be reached in about 10 hours.

    Or coming from Padang, head to Tapan and continue to Penuh River. The distance is about 278 km that can be travelled in about 7 hours. Or from Padang head to Muaralabuh, then go to Kersik Tuo. The distance is about 211 km that can be done in about 5-6 hours.

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