Bubrah temple is located in the tourism area of Prambanan, Bener hamlet, Bugisan village, Prambanan subdistrict, Klaten Regency, Central Java province. Little is known about this temple, which leaves only its already damaged base and a heap of stones previously constructing the temple’s walls. The name Bubrah (Javanese) means badly damaged condition. It is not obvious whether the temple is called bubrah because it is already 'bubrah' ( in damaged condition) or because it really is the name.

The size of the Buddhist temple is relatively small, built on a square plan extending from north to south. It is difficult to find out the exact size of the temple since the area of the temple is surrounded by locked fence. The base is about 2 m high. Reliefs in symmetrical pattern are carved along the upper edge of the base, but none are found on the walls of the base. A staircase used as an entrance way to the platform lies on the east side of the base.