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    The 723rd Surabaya Anniversary 2016

    The coming up event from Surabaya Anniversary 2016 in Surabaya, East Java is coming.

    There will be numbers of celebration following the related event.

    Please check the schedules and prepare to celebrate the happiness in town by seeing or even participating one of those events.

    culture-parade-flower-surabaya-1.jpg culture-parade-flower-surabaya-2.jpg

    During May 2016, the celebration will be held in whole month and will be participated by all members of citizen and government staffs.

    There will be parade for cultural and culinary events that can be attended in the venue. You can taste numbers of Surabaya dan East Java culinary menus, snacks and drinks.

    The most excitement is coming from the Surabaya Shopping Festival event that will be participated by almost all Malls and Plazas in Surabaya. They give tons of discounts for items they have. This will be the most precious gift for shoppaholic.

    Get your pack done, book your ticket and hotel accommodation and see you at Surabaya Anniversary 2016 celebration
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