Martha Christina Tiahahu Memorial

Martha Christina Tiahahu is also an acknowledged national heroine in Indonesia as one of the many freedom fighters. Martha Christina Tiahahu fought side by side and supported her father who also stood up and fought the Dutch colonialism in this archipelago. When the Dutch caught and executed her father on the tiny island of Nusalaut, south-east from Saparua, she was taken to Java to work on the tea and coffee plantations.

On board she refused any food offered by the Dutch crew. Suffering from misery and the execution of her father she passed away on the 2nd January 1818 at the age of only 18, and her body was then launched into the Banda Sea to have her final rest. To reach this memorial, one can take a minibus from the city to Karang panjang. From the rear of this memorial one can see the beautiful panorama of the City and the Blue Amboina Bay beneath or watch the sunset behind the rugged hills of the Leihitu Peninsula.