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    Kijing Beach Mempawah City

    Kijing Beach tourism as the mainstay tourist attraction in Pontianak regency. This beach attracts tourists because of full of palm trees and white sand gently sloping. The beach is beautiful located 18 kilometers from Mempawah city.

    The name Kijing derives from the name kind of shell are small and elongated that is widely available on the beach. Formerly, Kijing Beach is a place of life mangrove forest with different types of marine life such as crabs, clams, and so forth.

    Beaches along Kijing Beach starting from South to the North are visible only white sand and the shade of palm trees as shelter. Atmosphere of the beach is undeniable provides its own beauty. Moreover, on early afternoon and sunset time on horizon, giving satisfaction to visitors.

    On Kijing Beach, canteen facilities are available, swimming pools, mosque, temple, park and stage performance. Stage show featuring a variety of entertainment on weekends and other holidays. Kijing Beach location can be reached using two and four-wheeled vehicles.
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    Sunset at Kijing Beach

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