Kisar Island is the tiny island part of Kisar is in the Molucca Islands in the eastern part of Indonesia, and is an official entry point into the archipelago. Kisar has over 400 years of European history and despite being only a few hundred miles off the coast of Australia. In the town you can visit the former Dutch colonial residence remains from the Dutch period including a stone church and a stone fort both over 400 years old. A visit to Oirata village also includes cultural performances and displays. The Maluku (Molucca) Islands are a collection of forgotten islands just north of Australia and includes most of the islands between Sulawesi (Celebes) and New Guinea and between Timor and the Philippines. The south west corner of Maluku, part of the predominately Christian area of Indonesia, is virtually inaccessible but is home to numerous stunning islands with fringing reefs and ancient cultures. Very few outsiders have ever set foot on these islands. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to reach the islands, establishing themselves on the twin islands in 1521. The Spanish arrived 50 years later and intrigues between the two Iberian powers lasted until the turn of the century. When the Dutch arrived in the 17th century, they allied themselves with the Sultan of trade.