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    Dieng Plateau Yogyakarta

    Dieng Plateau

    Dieng plateau is a natural tourism object. It is the longest highland in Java which lays 2.093 meters above sea level and 15 degree Celsius average has been the common temperature. In the plateau, we will visit various kinds of tourist attractions such as:
    A group of Hindu temple. It was built early on 7 century, and well known as the quiet oldest Hindu temple among other Hindu temples in Indonesia.

    Crater: several hectare smaller craters which are still active can be found as well. Nowadays, our government has made the geothermal.

    Colorful lake (Telaga Warna): The lake contains many kinds of sulfur and the Reflection of the Sunshine changes the water into many different colors.

    During the trip in Dieng plateau, you can have a pleasure of time due to its various wonderful scenes.

    You can taste the spots of small village and drive slopping, winding road, and enjoy a beautiful landscape with rich of plantation like coffee, tea, tobacco, and other vegetables crops.

    On the way back from Dieng to Yogyakarta, you will explore the greatness of Borobudur temple. The whole structure of Borobudur reflects the hard work, high dedication of thousands people. They were sweating on their attempt to make their way up to hill dragging tons of rocks in the searching of the tropical climate. You have a beautiful sunset at Borobudur.
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    Dieng Plateau also known as Dataran Tinggi Dieng, administratively this area can be considered unique. Very rarely found in Indonesia where an area is divided into two administrative regions like Dieng, where in the western region (Dieng Kulon) include Wonosobo Regency and Banjarnegara Regency in the east region.

    Natural conditions of Dieng Mountain with its fertile soil make agriculture as the main source of Dieng plateau communities. The types of plants such as potatoes, Sprouts, Carrots thrives in plots of land people spread across the landscape and Dieng hills.

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    dieng plateau is more commonly know as dieng plateau wonosobo, through the plateau is located in banjarnegara and wonosobo regency, central java. the plateau offers a mixture of nature, heritage and tourism sites. there are some beautiful lakes, hills, breathtaking scenery, as well as refreshing tea and coffee plantations. plus, being high up it's very cool and refreshing.
    the most famous thing about dying is the telaga warna the colorful lake. dieng also has a cultural festival where children with dreadlocks walk in a procession. one day i'll write about the culture festival.

    there are two places where you can enjoy the view of the lakes from above. one is from sengkang hill petak 9 dieng and other one from batu pandan dieng. check out the two photos.download.jpgdownload (1).jpg

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