Kahayan Bridge lies on Palangkaraya city, Central Kalimantan. This bridge is the landmark of Palangkaraya City, Central Kalimantan Province. Palangkaraya is the largest city in Indonesia when measured by area: the city occupies an area of 2678 square km. Kahayan Bridge crosses the Kahayan River connecting Palangkaraya with the surrounding districts on the other side of the river. With four districts in Barito River basins, namely: Barito Selatan, Barito Timur, Barito Utara and Murung Raya Regency. Although it was officially opened on January 13th 2002 by the President Megawati Soekarnoputri, building started in 1995 and was opened for public use in 2001. The inauguration stone of this bridge is located in Pahandut in the northern of foot bridge.

Kahayan bridge is 640 metres long and 9 meters wide and in the centre, directly above the fairway of Kahayan River, is a 150 metres long and 36 metres high red arch. This bridge is not only used for transportation but it is also a popular place to hang out by locals, overseeing the activities on Kahayan River like fishers, rowing athletes practicing near the bridge, boats passing or just enjoying the view. Many locals also sell their goods on the bridge.

How to get there:
This bridge can be reached easily for it's located for about 1 km away from the centre of Palangkaraya. You can just walk to there enjoying Palangkaraya's view on the way.