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    Bira Beach at Tanjung Bira - South Sulawesi

    Bira beach or better known as Tanjung Bira is one of the popular tourist destinations in the province of South Sulawesi. The beauty of the sea is can be seen at noon, where along the sight we can see the combination of greenish nuance with vivid blue sky, sparkling ocean and warm tropical sunshine. This beach is not far from Makassar and visiting this beach will be great.
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    Tanjung Bira beach is a famous white sandy beach in South Sulawesi province. The beach looks clean and neat with its beauty and comfort, and it also has clear water. That's why Tanjung Bira beach is very famous abroad.


    Indahnya Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia.jpg

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