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    Cangkuang Ecotourism, Sukabumi - Indonesia

    Ecotourism is not only used for camping tourism. Tourism activities that can be done is a picnic area, cross country and hiking, camping activities are available while for some of the camp complex. Diwana this tour there is also a building Cangkuang meeting and the guest house.

    Around the plant there Cangkuang ww types Damar (Agathis Laranthifolia) in 1982 and 1986. Around the back of the building there Cangkuang Meeting of protected forests is limited by vegetation type puspa (Schima Walichil), Rasamala (altingia excelsa), Saninten (Euginia Fastiqiata), Harendong cai (Medinela speciosa) Manglid (Panthera Blumairanti), Jamuju (Podocarpus enbikata BL0 etc.. Types fauna found around the area of Mount Salak forest group is a wild boar (milk viatus) leopard (Panthera Pardus) Macaques (Macaca sp) partridges (Galus sp).

    Facilities already available in the form of ecotourism is the gatehouse, lodge work, ticket booth, walkways, parking lots, toilets, shelters, seating, space and place information Sampa, meeting rooms, guest house and sports facilities.

    Ecotourism can be reached from the town of Sukabumi Regency Cicurug, entering from the intersection Cidahu (Caringin) with cross-Sukabumi Bandung highway or route Jakarta-Jakarta-Bogor-Sukabumi. The road condition is generally good and paved, so it can be passed either four-or two-wheeled vehicles of public transport facilities that exist in the form of a mini bus vehicles with a maximum capacity of 20 passengers.

    Source: okeaja.com

    photo by Feri Suminar

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