Sanur Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach with calm and warm sweater located in the east part of Denpasar Town. The beach location in eastside and south part of Sanur Village is an edge of Indonesian Ocean. At Sanur agencies provide diving and snorkeling tours.
Sanur beach is also called the Sunrise Beach, since it is on the opposite side of Bali where Kuta beach is. At Sanur Beach was the first development of hotels and resorts in Bali and now when you go to Sanur you will find many resorts and hotels from budget to five star.
To increase the foreign and domestic tourists local governments have invested also in the development of this beach and have built various hotel facilities, restaurants, cafes and the pedestrian area which is used as a jogging area for tourists. While jogging in the morning or late afternoon you can also enjoy the beautiful beach.
In addition to being the beach with the first hotel, Sanur is also listed as a beach that has historical value. Holland, in 1906 and Japan, in 1941, occupied and entered Bali by this beach.