Timor Island

Timor is the largest island in the province in terms of population and it is here that the provincial capital of Kupang is located. Timor is rich in culture, beautiful scenery, and magnificent wildlife. The isolated communities have developed a variety of architectural styles.

Unlike other parts of East Nusa Tenggara, the roads in Timor are generally good and the public transportation is relatively well developed. Kupang is the gateway to Nusa Tenggara with regular, direct flights to and from Darwin in Australia as well as with the rest of the archipelago.

People in Timor is identify speak in, at least, eleven distinct ethno-linguistic groups of language. The largest speaking that being used is the Atoni in western Timor; and the Tetum in central and eastern Timor. While, the most indigenous Timorese languages are belongs to Timor Babar, the brach of Astronesian languages, that spoken throughout of Indonesian Archipelago.

Timorese people are mostly hold Christianity; others are hold Roman Catholics and Protestants. The minorities of the people are hold Islam and Animists, which are about 5%.