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    Orangutan Tour: Guide You To Explore Borneo Island

    Orangutan Tour is one of tour and travel company based on Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Under the flag of PT. Borneo Lestari Tour and Travel, Orangutan Tour will guide you to explore Borneo with its natural beauty and culture.

    Located in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan offer you to have some tour package like enjoying houseboating, floating market or Dayak tour. The facilities are included the accommodation, transportation and everything you need during your visit.
    The mission is to provide you all the best services that is needed and expertise in providing just for your travel, and as an Eco tourism programs our main goals is to protect the Orangutans and it surrounding local culture of Borneo Island. Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every phase of your travel adventure.
    If you are looking for an experienced Orangutans and Dayak culture travel agency, look no further!

    PT. Borneo Lestari Tours and Travel
    Jl. Prakusuma Yudha Rt. 8 No.12, Pangkalan Bun
    Central Borneo Indonesia
    Phone : 0532-25386
    Mobile : +62-0813 4979 7705
    fax : +62-0532 29080
    e-Mail : info@orangutan-tour.com
    Website : www.orangutan-tour.com
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    Welcome to Orangutan Tour!

    As the tour organizer to Tanjung Puting National Park set up in Pangkalan Bun about 20 minutes by car to Kumai and an hour to Tanjung Puting National Park. Exactly in Prakusumayuda Street Rt. 12 No. 8, Raja Village, Arut Selatan District of Pangkalan Bun. This travel & tour provides tour packages to see orangutans of Indonesia Borneo in their natural habitat. This adventure tour packages have been carefully designed to build an awareness of ecotourism while taking safety and impact on the environment into consideration.

    Whether you are wanting to relax and unwind, be educated on the issues affecting Borneo’s wildlife, or turn up the pace and take on the all of the experiences that Borneo’s wildlife has to offer, you will be in great tour adventure. Enjoy your best adventure with Us!

    For further information, contact us:

    PT. Borneo Lestari Tour & Travel
    Jl. Prakusumayuda Rt. 12 No. 8
    Kel. Raja, Kec. Arut Selatan
    Pangkalan Bun – Kalimantan Tengah

    Phone: 0532-25386
    Fax : 0532-29080
    Mobile: +6281349797705
    Emai: info@orangutan-tour.com
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