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    A Unique Sungkun Beach - Lombok Timur

    Lombok known as the island of a thousand mosques, Lombok Island also called Thousand Island beach. The beaches are very charming and unspoiled and has the appeal of each like the beach this one, name Sungkun Beach.
    Sungkun Beach is also known as Turtle Beach in Lombok. Why? Because on the beach there are large rocks that have the shape of giant turtle. The rocks that form a giant turtle is an icon of Sungkun Beach located about 20 meters from the beach. Another uniqueness of this beach which has two types of smooth white sand shaped pepper.
    Sungkun Beach is located behind the Jerowaru hill in Ekas Buana Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok which can be reached from the city of Mataram during 2 hour trip through Mataram-Kediri-Praya-Muju-Jerowaru-Sungkun Beach. The traveler can reach this beach motorcycle or car.
    Sungkun Beach lies behind the hill make a lot of people did not know the existence of this beach. On this beach traveler can enjoy the charming view from all directions. One of the most interesting by climbing the hill it will look gorgeous view dyke. Besides enjoying the beauty and walk down the beach, in Sungkun Beach you can also play water and fishing. Characteristics of the waves on the beach is big enough suitable for surfing lovers.
    This unique beach is very suitable for hunting photography. Do not miss also to capture the moment of sunset at the beach in a few shots. When you want to capture the beauty that is more complete in Sungkun Beach, traveler could try camping with tents set up around the beach to watch the sunrise moments.

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    You paste beautiful pictures . Thanks for sharing pictures.

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