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    Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia

    Infrastructure investment is often done by many foreign investors to developing country in order to help the developing country gets on its feet. Beside of that investors do that also because it is after all an investment that in the end will make you wealthier. Indonesia is a developing country. It has a lot of potentials to be one of the strongest countries in Asia or even in the world. Indonesia is developing in the infrastructure are as well and below is more information about it for you.

    1. Transportation Sector
    Indonesia is always developing the transportation sector. Transportation is important to bring us from A to B and without it, it is simply a complete failure. The recent transportation construction idea in Indonesia is the monorail. It can definitely be helped by the PPP program.

    2. Water Supply
    Without water supply, there will be no life. However, as stated before Indonesia is vast and the water supply distribution is not good. Sometimes, there will be some areas in Indonesia that is very dry and hot. Clean water is just not affordable there. Thus, here PPP needs to help the program to escalate the water supply distribution and makes everyone’s life even better.

    3. Electricity
    Seen from the side of electricity, Indonesia has quite a powerful electricity source but then again the distribution is not good. There are numerous areas in Indonesia especially the rural ones that have not been touched by electricity at all. That is why the government of Indonesia needs to pay more attention to the distribution of electricity. With PPP, the government can build more and more towers and power sources. So, in the end the infrastructure investment will end up in a good way where everyone in Indonesia can enjoy electricity regardless of where they live.


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    Infrastructure investment in Indonesia is less local investor than foreign comers. An investment is a business idea to develop the kinds of business out there and it was no limited in infrastructure but also in logam, property, and others, but there is also an illegal investment in Indonesia. Thats why people try to make their other own business, and too much ideas inside such as a simple business who makes a lot of incomes with less business funding, let say as photobooth service. You just need camera, photo paper, lighting, and atribute handmade photobooth, even simplicity but you could get much incomes.

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