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    Enjoy the Beauty Sidoharjo Waterfall Kulonprogo

    Sidoharjo waterfall is located in Sidoharjo village, Samigaluh district, Kulonprogo regency of Yogyakarta. The distance is about 5 miles from Dekso traditional market. If your journey start from MTs Sidoharjo, turn left and then you will pass the uphill road, and must go through the path on the edge of fields and woods. During the journey to the waterfall you can enjoy the panoramic countryside. Say hello to the friendly farmers along the way. And enjoy the mountain breeze and the melodious singing of chirping birds.

    Sidoharjo waterfall has a height of 75 meters, the water flow is quite large, beautiful wall with overgrown vegetation, green forest typical. If you love photography, then this is a beautiful sight to be a very interesting natural destination. Not a lot of rocks at the base of the waterfall. This waterfall is perfect for you, nature lovers, and for those of you who want to travel to relieve stress from work, in this place you will find the convenience of proximity to nature is so refreshing mind. The air is cool, the birds singing, the trees and plants are natural fresh green, and of course beautiful waterfalls extraordinary all that is offered at the Waterfalls of Sidoharjo.

    Even if you are lucky to see the beautiful waterfall besides you will also find a long-tailed monkey clinging to the cliffs. This waterfall as unspoiled natural man that is still the situation. We do hope some days, with a good promotion it will be the most visited tourism object in Yogyakarta.
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