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    Enjoy the Exotic Sepa Island - Jakarta

    Sepa Island is one of isolated island in Seribu Islands, Jakarta. Although the name of the island is not that popular than Tidung Island and Pramuka Island, but Sepa Island is worth to visit because there are many things you can do while relaxing after your routine in the capital. Sepa Island can be reached from Marina Ancol by taking speadboat from 19th Pier for about 90 minutes. It is a bit longer but along the sailing you can feel the breeze from the sea with fresh aroma.

    Diving and Snorkeling in Sepa Island
    The presence of a resort in Sepa Island is so supportive and enable you to do many water activities. However, diving and snorkeling become the common activities in Sepa Island. Turquoise water with various fishes can be seen easily.

    The slogan of ‘Paradise for diver in Jakarta’ for Sepa Island is suitable because if you are a real diver, you will amaze witnessing the formation of coral reef. The panorama of underwater will make you want to stay longer there.

    Actually, Sepa Island is a resort island that offers the beauty of underwater life. As you step in, you will feel as it is an isolated island with clear water. White sands in the beach stretching so far and suitable for sunbathing. Sepa Island is only 7 hectares but the appearance is so modern.

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    One of my next holiday destinations in Pulau Seribu. I'm tired with Tidung, Pramuka, etc and looking for something new and fresh.

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