Curug Cikaso or Cikaso waterfall is having the real name as Curug Luhur. Cikaso waterfall is formed by three flows of the waterfals that lay near to each other.

Curug Cikaso is located at Sumberjaya village, Tegalbuleud sub district, Sukabumi regency, West Java. It can be reach for about 200km from Jakarta or it takes 6-7 hours drive.

At the same area, there is another curug or waterfall that 10km near to Curug Cikaso, which is Curug Cigangsa.
Curug Cikaso is a unique waterfall, because it has three waterfalls at the same area. By visiting this waterfall, it having the same visit to three waterfalls at once. It is better to visit the Curug Cikaso during the rainy season, because at this moment, the beauty and the uniqueness of Cikaso can be more clearly seen.