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    Amanzi Waterpark, Citra Grand City Palembang

    Amanzi Waterpark was officially opened in August 2011 and has become an icon of Palembang city since then. This park centers around the concept of African wild adventure and is always crowded by visitors. The Amanzi Waterpark is located on Jalan Alang-Alang Lebar Talang Kelapa, at the Kompleks Perumahan Citra Grand City, Palembang, South Sumatera Province.
    Amanzi Park has been buid on an area 3,5 hectare where seven water attractions are situated each with its own characteristic. They seven rides are :
    1. River Nile stream pool : a 500 m long pool with streaming water modeled on the river Nile in Africa.
    2. Kilimanjaro Tower : a tower full of streaming water which will give you access to four other water attractions.
    3. The Cyclone : a spiral water slide formed like a cyclone with a total height of 15 meter. Best to wear a bouy or tire if you want to head down the Cyclone.
    4. The Velocity : a straight water slide of 60m long and 11 m height with 4 different levels.
    5. The Raft : a 120 m long slide from a height of 12 m, visitors can use a buoy or tire.
    6. The Falls : A 90 m long slide which can be used without any buoys.
    7. Zimba & Cora (Match and Family Pool) : gathering place with friends and family completed with Stone Henge, Family Slide and Water Volley. There's also Zimbas ZoneL the children pool with gazebos surround.
    Besides these main attractions there are several other pools with Water Slides.
    The Waterpark makes use of a unqiue payment system called Smart Card. It comes in the form of a bracelet. At the counter you can buy this bracelet and can deposit money on it. This Smart Card can be used for entrance access, renting locker, buoy, cabana, etc. You can take it home or when you are done get the remaining balance back. If you take it with you, be aware that the money on it will expire after one month.
    Available here too are free wifi, a first aid room, mosque, ATM, the Amanzi Cafe and shops. It is good to know that safety is a top priority here: there is always staff or lifeguard close by ready to help.

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    Citra Grand City, Copacabana Lifestyle Center Blok D No. 38, Jl. Tembus Alang-Alang Lebar KM. 12, Talang Kelapa, Alang Alang Lebar, Talang Klp., Alang Alang Lebar, Kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan 30154, Indonesia

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    Amazing place.....

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