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    Poso And Everything Inside It


    Poso is one of regencies in Central Sulawesi. At early begin, Poso was under the authority of the Government of the Kings of Poso; King Napu, King Mori, King Tojo, King Una Una, and King Bungku that one has nothing to do with each other.

    The sixth empire was under the influence of the three kingdoms, namely: Southern Region is obey to the King Luwu based in Palopo, while the Northern Territory under the influence of King Sigi which based in Sigi (Donggala Region), and a special area of the eastern part of the region Bungku including the islands obey to the King of Ternate.

    Since 1880 the Dutch government in Northern Sulawesi, begin to occupied Central Sulawesi and continuously trying to break the influence of King Sigi and King Luwu in Poso district.
    In 1918 the entire region of Central Sulawesi district in scope of Poso, which has been dominated by the Dutch East Indies was organized by a civilian government. Then by the Dutch Government in the years 1905-1918 the Poso region is divided into two powers of government, partly entered the area of Manado Residency which was Onderafdeeling (kewedanan) Kolonodale and Bungku.

    While, the position of the kings and the dominions were retained, with the title Self Bestuure-Gabieden (the kingdom) which was stick to rules the issued by the Government of the Netherlands, called Self Bestuure or customs regulations Kingdom (customary law).

    The local inhabitant who live in Poso is Pamona tribe. Pamona Tribe, or often also called as Poso tribe, inhabiting almost all districts of Poso, Tojo Una-Una, Morowali, even in South Sulawesi (North Luwu). While a small part of life wander in various regions in Indonesia.

    If there is Poso tribe in one area, there must be Rukun Poso in the same time. Rukun Poso is like an organization under the same tribe in the same area. Pamona people are mostly Christian. Christianity entered the area around 100 years ago and until now accepted as the religion of the people. Now all churches with same way is under the auspices of this church organization of Central Sulawesi Christian Church or Gereja Kristen Sulawesi Tengah (GKST) based in Tentena, Poso district, Central Sulawesi.

    Most people are use Pamona language (Bare’e) in every speaking and Indonesian language with the local dialects. The people are working as farmers, civil servants, Pastor, entrepreneur, and others.

    Actually, Pamona tribe is not identical with the tribes of Poso, because in principle there is particular tribe in Poso. In fact, Poso was inhabited by tribes of Pamona. The word “Poso” itself in Pamona language means “broken”.

    Following the customs of Europeans who have a family or clan or family name, then the Pamona people also have clans like the following: Bungkundapu, Botilangi, Banumbu, Bulinde, Bali’e, Gilirante, Kogege, Lambangasi, Labiro, Lu’o, Lumaya, Manganti, Meringgi, Mossepe, Nyolo-nyolo, Nggo’u, Nua, Patara, or many more.

    Poso and its surrounding area was blessed by the incredible natural beauty. The tropical nature with bright sun all day is a gift that certainly has not always been enjoyed by the four seasons countries like, Europe and America. Combination of the beautiful beaches and islands and beautiful marine park, as well as the unique customs of local communities that are unique, certainly is a tourist attraction that will not be found elsewhere.

    The tourism destinations in poso are: Lake Poso, Saluopa waterfall, Sulewana water sliding, Lore Lindu national park, Lembah Bada Tourism, Pamona cave, Togean island, Bat island, Nalera beach, Tomori Bay sea park, Morowali nature sanctuary and many more exotics places.
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    Poso Lake

    Saluopo Waterfall

    Sulewana Waterfall

    Lore Lindu National Park

    Bada Valley
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    Thanks for your beautiful description.
    It's really an honor to be part of the community and share this culture with everyone.
    Marius from W2C Customs Brokers

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