Nuhanera Cape or well-known as Tanjung Nuhanera is a wonderful hidden paradise that located in Waienga Gulf region. Nuhanera Cape has beautiful underwater scenery. This location is often a destination for tourists from abroad for diving, snorkeling or just sunbathing and relaxing. This location in 2014 became the center of the implementation of event Marine Tourism Rally in 2014 involving 14 village located around waienga bay, includesIle Ape District, Ile Ape Timur and Lebatukan.

To support the implementation of event in Marine Tourism Rally will be held a variety of competition such as; Ship Parade, Traditional Boat Rowing Competition, Traditional Fishing Competition and Selection of Putera Puteri Bahari. Department of Culture and Tourism of Lembata Regency, has conducted socialization and preparation on each villages in Waienga bay area that can prepare themselves to support the successful implementation of this event.

Conducting with this event, in the coming years in the plan to make this event become an annual event by name Festival Nuhanera, in order to support the vision and mission of the Regent and Vice Regent Lembata period 2011-2016 which made tourism as a Leading Sector development in Lembata Regency.