Cunca Lega Waterfall or better known as Tengku Lese Waterfall is two level waterfall with a height of approximately 25 m. Surrounded by lush forest and rice fields visible from a distance.

Tengku Lese Waterfall can be reached by hike from Nanu Village, after it walks for about 2.5 km with a beautiful panorama, lush green hills, terraced rice composition, and farmers plowing with their buffalos. Arriving at the foot of the waterfall, you will be treated to a two-tier waterfall from a height of 25m with thunder roaring sound and light rays refract small rainbow.

From Ruteng, it takes about two hourís trip to reach the starting point of the climb. The shortest route is Liang Bua, 15 km from Tengku Lese. The best option to go there by private vehicle (car or motorcycle) or rental. The access road ends in Nanu Village. From there, you have to walk about 2.5 km to get to the Tengku Lese Waterfall.