Golo Curu is derived from word Golo means a hill or village, while Curu means the shuttle or the name of a tribe that once inhabited these hills. Golo Curu is a small hill that there is “the Virgin Mary Cave” is a place of pilgrimage and prayer of Christians. The right place to witness the beauty of Ruteng City, the wet-rice fields, and the surrounding hills which are often covered by small clouds. It is a fantastic place to start a city tour at sunrise, as the first rays of morning sun light the city, hills, and mountains in a heavenly way. Bring your binoculars along to observe birds, and keep an eye out for market plants like coffee, cloves, corn, cocoa, vanilla, and candlenut. The Virgin Mary Cave that has been built on top of the hill will provide a place to pray or meditate.

Trekking to Golo Curu:
The top of Golo Curu (‘welcome mountain’) can be reached easily on foot.
Follow the road to Reo around a kilometer past Losmen Agung. Go straight after the bridge – instead of following the main road which bends to the left – until you come to a church, the Santo Fransiskus Assisi. Behind the church is an unpaved road which brings you to the top in about 20 minutes on foot. The best time for a trip to the top is in the early morning, because in the afternoon the mountains are often obscured by clouds. After climbing for a while you can see graveyards; one for Catholics, one for Chinese and one in between for war heroes.

The nearest city to Golo Curu is Ruteng, which is just 4km away. There, you can find accommodation and a few restaurants.

How to get there:
From the center of Ruteng, take the road heading towards to Reo. Straight after the bridge, leave the main road and turn left. From here you can walk to the top of the hill in about 20 minutes. Early morning walks are especially charming, as bird sounds fill the refreshing atmosphere. So, when you are come in Ruteng City, do not miss explore the fantastic Golo Curu.