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    Natuna Island, Just Another Beautiful Escape You'll Have - Riau Islands

    Natuna Besar Archipelago

    Natuna Besar islands are part of the Natuna archipelago, one of the northernmost islands in Indonesia. Total area of ??mainland Natuna Besar is 1720 km .

    The most northern island in the archipelago system is Laut Island (Natuna). While, Bunguran island is the main island of Natuna Besar Islands, as well as Natuna Islands, which is part of the Riau Islands province, Indonesia. Bunguran island is home to three species of primates: slow loris (Nycticebus coucang), long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis), and the Natuna leaf monkey (or Javan white thighs, Presbytis natunae)

    By located between West Malaysia and Borneo, no wonder that this island was once a regional bone of contention. Moreover, there are oil and gas deposits that abundantly lies, these areas contested by three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and China.

    As a local military base, not many people want to go there. Don not imagine that there will be a lot of military vessels around the island, for it way more precious than we thoughts. there are random group of super large granite rocks around the island. This cluster of granite rocks, can also be found throughout the islands in the Strait of Karimata, ranging from Natuna to the Pacific Islands. It was said that these rocks originated from the Lake Toba volcanic explosion at ancient times.

    We can spend the time to enjoy the smell of beach, the clear blue sky, the beam light of sunrise or enjoying the shooting stars at night. Everything seems to be the perfect escape in Natuna Besar.
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    Indonesia memang sangat indah ...

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