Sapangkor Besar Island

Sapangkor Besar island is one of islands in Kangean archipelago. It administratively located in Sumenep regency, Madura, East Java, and lies between Sapangkor Kecil in the west, Saur island in the east, Paliat island in south and Bali island in north.

Sapangkor Besar is such a rich and fertile island, which all of the nature sources are available like agriculture, plantation, salt works, forest, and fisheries. The nearest island to this Sepangkor Besar is Sepangkor Kecil, and we can cross by using small boat or even by walk when it is low tide.

The most inhabitants that live in this island are coming from Sulawesi or Bajo people and Madura people. In daily spoken, the inhabitants are speaking in Kangean, Bajo and Madura language.