Taman Beach is one of the beach attraction in Pacitan Regency, East Java. Taman Beach is located 40 miles east of the city adjacent to Pacitan and precisely in the Taman hamlet, Hadiwarno village, Ngadirojo district, Pacitan regency. Taman Beach is easy accessible by the public. The beach is pristine coastal development that makes it more beautiful beaches and can provide comfort for visitors. Taman Beach visited by tourists during holidays and at festivals Idhul Fitr. Usually the local committee held some entertainment to revitalize and attract tourists to come to the Taman Beach.

Taman beach also has an incredible vehicle that is flying fox. Support facilities was built to complement the attractiveness of existing attractions. Flying Fox stretched over Taman beach in the Hadiwarno Village, District Ngadirojo. With new rides, tourists can not only spoil the eye with a sea view limitless blue sky, but at the same time with the guts to try out on the track glides along the 415 m with a wire 74 meters high with a speed of 50 km /hour. This is touted to be the longest flying fox track in Indonesia.