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    Adventure Tour To Mount Salak, Bogor - Indonesia

    For people who like and love the outdoors, Gunung salak is one of their goals in order to meet the satisfaction for how to appreciate and love nature. Salak mountain scenery and natural charm have is still beautiful. If you want to try an adventure tour with a climb of Mount Salak, you can use some of the hiking trail, one of them through the Road and Track Girijaya Kutajaya (Cimelati).

    Mount Salak since antiquity have often visited by pejiarah, because there are statues of worship in Salak mountain top. In addition there is also the tomb of Mount Salak grandparent who frequently visited the pejiarah. Meanwhile, at the foot of Mount Salak there are many sacred places, one of which is the shrine and there is also a temple called the Temple of King Siliwangi.

    The climb should be done in the dry season, because during the rainy season as the path becomes muddy and slippery quagmire. Besides the wind often blew. Actually, this mountain can be climbed from multiple pathways, including the common pathway is often used is the path of Wana Wisata Cangkuang Cidahu Sukabumi District. From this there are two paths Cangkuang the old paths leading to the summit of Mount Salak 1 and a new pathway leading to Crater Queen. The path is full of mystique for the pilgrimage is the path of Wana Wisata Pilung waterfall, Giri Jaya village, District Cidahu, Village Kutajaya / Cimelati.

    Wana around the entrance of this week there are convenient places for camping, there are also many food stalls. To go to Crater Queen takes about 3-5 hours drive, while to get to the top of Mount Salak I takes about 8 hours.

    From the campsite to the shelter I, the path is quite steep initially, in the form of rocks neatly arranged. Then it will enter the dense tropical forests with large trees, about 1 / 2 hours later you will pass through varied channels, flat, up and down.

    Toward shelter II, lines begin to damp and wet. Some small streams will you pass through, but when the dry season the river will be dry. You going down the path that a lot of overgrown banana trees, but do not expect to find that ripe bananas because this area is inhabited by many monkeys. When the day late in the afternoon we will watch the monkeys swinging in their nest around this track.

    In this second shelter where there are large enough to set up a tent, with a view of dense tropical forest, and in this second shelter near the river there. Toward shelter III, you will pass through the muddy streets and muddy. Even in some places, the path of the steep slippery ground, but you are still somewhat helped the tree roots.

    To get to shelter the more steeply IV lines, especially in the rainy season due to a slippery red soil. In some places you'll pass through places that are sometimes muddy feet deep reaches knee. You'll pass two streams of clear water, you should take the river water because that's where the last water source could be found.

    Shelter IV is a crossroads. To go to take the Queen's crater to the left, while to get to the top of Mount Salak take the lane to the right. In the shelter of this ample IV you can also set up a tent.

    How, is quite exciting is not it? well for you who like adventure tourism, it would not hurt if you try to climb Mount Salak, in addition to satisfying the heart, you too can feel the natural beauty is priceless.

    Source: puncakview.com

    photo: kheybhot.blogspot.com

    photo by Agung Rangga

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